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Vintage racing is a unique form of motorsport that celebrates cars prior to 1980.  We race them as they were back in the day, we race hard, we race clean and most importantly we have fun! Come join us! 


Race Cars and Drivers

Racing Car Driver for hire

Russ Rosenberg is our main (and only) driver.  He may not always be the fastest, but he is competent and works cheap!  Russ has been racing since he was a youngster of 49 and competes in 12-15 vintage and endurance race weekends annually.  Contact Russ directly if you need a driver at

76 BMW 2002

This veteran race car is a solid performer and was been the main steed from 2012-2016.  Vintage legal, this car has a high performance engine with a Schrick cam, Pauter Rods, Weber 45 DCOE Carbs, a Metric Mechanics close ratio gearbox and a limited slip differential.  Always ready to go this car is set up to race and compete.

66 Yenko Stinger (YS-320)

This newest race car on the team is a solid performer and is now the primary car.  Built from early 2015, a debuted at the end of 2016, this Yenko Stinger is fast and getting faster through it's development.  Engines built by Jeff Moore of Automotive Archaeologists, the new more powerful version has debuted in 2018 and has delivered multiple podium finishes.

Race Cars and Drivers


Sponsors and Support

With the increase in publicity for vintage racing, you can promote your business with national coverage in magazines, in front of thousands of spectators and sometimes even on TV.  Unlike NASCAR or Indy Car, the cost begins in the hundreds of dollars as opposed to the hundreds of thousands.  If this interests you and you want to see what TxCoyote Racing can offer, fill out the provided inquiry form. See what our current sponsors know that you don't.

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