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Expected Release Date: September 15th, 2018

What People

Are Saying

"This is a must read for anyone who is considering getting involved in racing. Russ provides a fantastic guide on how to get started." 

Tony Parella, CEO Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA)

“The world is full of racing books. But few are as down to earth, full of common sense, fun to read and aimed at the average guy like Russ Rosenberg’s new book: “Racing Under the Illusion of Grandeur”

Tim Suddard, Publisher Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports

What's in the book?

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Table of Contents



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Green Flag (by Ross Bentley)

Authors Note

What are you thinking?

Are we having fun yet?

Plan it! Do it!

What kind of car?

Keeping it going.

Winning isn't everything, but...

Life Experiences/Adages

The true cost of racing

Making the Most of it.

Over 40 racing stories.

How long can I keep this up?


What I Really Think

(by Lisa Rosenberg)

Green Flag

By: Ross Bentley

Take the Green,


One of the (many, many, many…) brilliant things about motorsport is how accessible it is. If you’re a football fan, the odds of being able to play a pick-up game in your favorite team’s stadium are blocked before the kick-off. Being able to play a few sets of tennis at center court at Wimbledon is pretty much a double fault. But if you’ve always dreamed of going wheel-to-wheel with another driver at COTA, Road America, Sebring or Laguna Seca… well, come on, let’s go! How cool is that? You can drive and race on the same circuits that Indy car, sports car and Formula One legends race on!


In fact, no matter who you are, or how old you are, you can get behind the wheel of a car and go racing. And perhaps that car is the one you grew up drooling over, that one that made your heart pulse faster, your eyes get bigger, and your right foot and leg extend a little.


There are as many different reasons to go racing as there are drivers. Some do it because of the car – they love to tinker with it, or it’s their first love. Some race for the physical and emotional outlet it provides. Others for the competition, while others still do it for the camaraderie and social aspect. And yes, for many it’s a huge adrenaline rush. But for practically everyone who races, it’s the most relaxing thing they do in their lives due to the singular focus one needs on the track. Once you’re on track, at speed, nothing else matters. It is your moment of Zen!



Authors Note

This book is about the powerful allure of amateur road racing. It discusses the many forces that led up to my involvement in a sport that is far beyond anything I have ever experienced.  It describes my journey towards realization of a lifelong desire at a point in life that many might think was too late. 


Good decisions, poor choices, I’ve made my share of both in my racing career.  As it turns out, I am not alone in this, it’s all part of the process.  I thought that I could help others considering the same path.  The grandiose idea behind this book is to help you avoid some of same errors, allowing you to make better decisions and avoid making more than your fair share of mistakes.  Trust me, you’ll make plenty of your own. 


Wisdom both conventional and unconventional imparted to me by those who came before will be discussed.  This book is not meant to reinvent the wheel, but rather identify a process that will help achieve your goal of getting started in racing.  I will share ideas, some my own and others from those who are smarter than me. 


I will also offer my opinions, which you may feel free to embrace or disregard.  What we will not discuss in any detail is driving skill or theory.  There are many who are more qualified and better suited to do that.  Many have written on that subject and I recommend that you read all of those books!

About the Author

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